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Bathroom Vanity Options: Traditional Or Modern?

After my last post, I decided that I needed a new vanity style. The open style that I had planned just wasn’t right for my particular bathroom since I’m using a kitchen sink and a kitchen faucet with a sprayer. I’m so glad someone pointed out to me that the sprayer hose needed to hang freely in order to operate correctly. I had thought about the drain pipe, the hoses for the water, and the depth of the sink, and could work around all of those, but I hadn’t given the spra...

One Room Challenge, Week 3 Everything Plus The Kitchen Sink

There are three weeks left in the One Room Challenge! I got behind schedule this week on the back entry and the half bathroom progress, but I did manage to get two things done. First, I did a little vanity lighting makeover, which I shared on Tuesday… If you missed that, you can see it here… Bathroom Vanity Light Makeover – From Plain To Custom And in addition to the light, I finally got all of the hardwood flooring installed in the back entry, storage closet and half bathroom...

Bathroom Vanity Light Makeover From Plain To Custom

I’ve been searching for the perfect bathroom vanity light to go on my studio half bathroom, but I had no luck finding one that I liked, and I looked at hundreds of them. Out of those hundreds, I did actually find one that I really liked and was ready to click that “buy now” button. Unfortunately, it was out of stock everywhere except one place, and that place said that it would ship from the warehouse in eight weeks. Eight weeks Seriously So I had to take matters into my own h...

One Room Challenge, Week 2 Bathroom and Back Entry Progress

It’s already time for the second One Room Challenge update! Yikes! That first week flew by since I joined the challenge a few days late. But now I’m fully on board, and things are going really well. As I showed y’all yesterday, I did get the bathroom wall design finished… If you missed that, you can see more here… DIY Geometric Ombre Square Spiral Wall Design Finished! With that done, I turned my attention yesterday to the flooring. After a snafu with the origina...

DIY Geometric Ombre Square Spiral Wall Design Finished!

Y’all, the painted design on my bathroom walls is finished! Here’s how it turned out… If you missed the first part of this project, you can find it here… DIY Geometric Wall Design – Part 1 This design started with lots and lots of painters tape — four rolls, to be exact. After seeing how busy and dizzying that taped off design looked with the stark contrast between the dark blue and white, I realized that the final design would have to have way less contrast....

One Room Challenge, Week 1 Half Bath & Back Entry

Well, there’s nothing like last minute. I decided to take part in another One Room Challenge as a guest participant, and I’m barely coming in under the wire with this commitment. The spring challenge technically started last Wednesday and Thursday, but guest participants have until Sunday night at 10pm central (that’s in about 30 minutes from right now) to link up a post. Like I said, nothing like last minute! ?? I had talked myself out of participating since my last challenge...

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    Red Milk Can Metal Vase
    Long-stemmed and large floral arrangements get a rustic touch in the Red Milk Can Metal Vase! This extraordinary vase is styled after vintage milk cans. Vase me...(more)

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  • Glass Bottle Vase Runner Set

    Glass Bottle Vase Runner Set
    Create your own centerpiece with fresh flowers from your garden using this Glass Bottle Vase Runner Set. The clear bottles make the perfect accent for colorful ...(more)

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    Red Bamboo Vase
    Our Red Bamboo Vase is the stunning statement piece you've been looking for! Crafted of wood spun bamboo, this bold vase has an organic look that complements yo...(more)

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  • Cream Metal Burlap Vase

    Cream Metal Burlap Vase
    Distressed details and a soft color give this Cream Metal Burlap Vase rustic, vintage charm. Its tall, slim design makes this floor vase an ideal accent for any...(more)

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  • Mason Jar Vase Runner Set

    Mason Jar Vase Runner Set
    Give your home a little southern charm with this Mason Jar Vase Runner Set. Its tied twine accents and rustic crate finish look perfectly old-fashioned. Set inc...(more)

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  • Blue Verdigris Ceramic Vase

    Blue Verdigris Ceramic Vase
    Deep, mottled colors and a decorative pattern give this Blue Verdigris Ceramic Vase the appeal of an antique treasure. You'll love its unique style and charm! V...(more)

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  • White Starburst Metal Vase

    White Starburst Metal Vase
    Tall branches or stems will look even more beautiful in this White Starburst Metal Vase. Its embossed design is highlighted by its bronze and white finish. Vase...(more)

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  • Rustic Geometric Turquoise Vase

    Rustic Geometric Turquoise Vase
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    Tapered Gold Vase
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