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A Color-Coded House Map Whats Done, Whats In Progress, Whats Left To Do, and What Will Be Demolished

Today I wanted to provide a visual, color-coded “map” of my house to show y’all exactly what’s been finished, what’s currently in progress, what’s left to do, and what won’t be done. I’m hoping that this will not only relieve some frustration for some of you, but for me as well. Quite honestly, sometimes I feel like my head might explode if I have to field yet another question about why I’m wasting time redoing finished areas of my house whi...

Two Moments Of Indecisiveness

I’m suffering from indecisiveness with two different things right now. Let me share. First up, I’m not sure about the bookshelves in the music room. You’ll remember that they started out all white, and the doors were black. And then last year, I did some repainting. The doors are now a dark teal (the same Kristi Teal that is on the living room fireplace and the entryway wall), and I also painted the insides of the bookshelves that same teal. Well, now I’m not so sure if ...

Heres Where Were Headed

I feel like I’ve been in a holding pattern for the last few days as I gave my hand time to rest and heal (it was injured in a drill attack, which you can read about here), and then waited for the contractor to get back with me with an estimate for the work that needs to be done in the studio. He got back with me yesterday morning, and let’s just say that the number was about $3000 more than I had expected. For finishing the electrical work, rerouting the ductwork, insulating the cei...

Less Doing, More Hiring Out

My hand is healing just fine after the drill attach a few days ago. It’s still sore, and on the surface, there are only a few small scrapes and a very small amount of swelling. It feels like I have bone bruises on my knuckles, but other than that, everything’s fine. I did meet with the contractor yesterday, but I haven’t gotten a quote from him yet. He said it might be a couple of days, so I’m waiting patiently for that. Or trying. ?? “Patient” isn’t re...

Throwing In The Towel (With My Aching, Swollen Hand)

Well, I’m done with the electrical work in my studio. Let me clarify. It’s not finished, but I am. I’m calling in the pros to finish it up for me. And it’s not because I don’t know how to do it, or I feel like it’s above my head. It’s because I injured myself yesterday in a way that really scared me. I could probably count on one hand the number of times in my DIY life that I’ve had a power tool accident that really scared me and injured me, but t...

Electrical Wiring Basics Part 2 Wiring A Circuit

Last year, I wrote a post about the first steps in how to wire a room, including info on circuit breaker panels, what a circuit is, and all of those basics. If you missed that post, or want to refresh your memory, you can find that here… Wiring The Studio, Part 1 (Electrical Basics Circuit Breaker Panels, Circuits, and More) This isn’t really exciting stuff, but I know many of you were interested in learning the basics. And even if you’re not looking to rewire your house, I ...

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  • Coir Welcome Doormat

    Coir Welcome Doormat
    All of your guests will know they're welcome when they come to your front door! This sturdy Coir Welcome Doormat is both stylish and practical! Doormat measures...(more)

    $19.99 More Details
  • Copper Coir Welcome Doormat

    Copper Coir Welcome Doormat
    All of your guests will know they're welcome when they come to your front door! This sturdy Copper Coir Welcome Doormat is both stylish and practical! Doormat m...(more)

    $22.99 More Details
  • Glass Flower Welcome Doormat

    Glass Flower Welcome Doormat
    Give your outdoor d+cor a floral flair with our Glass Flower Welcome Doormat. A lovely floral design makes this a charming way to welcome your guests. Mat meas...(more)

    $19.99 More Details
  • Floral Blessed Doormat

    Floral Blessed Doormat
    This Floral Blessed Doormat will bring a bright and feminine feel to your door or entryway. Its sweet pattern and message make it a lovely way to greet guests. ...(more)

    $12.99 More Details
  • Kittens and Butterflies Doormat

    Kittens and Butterflies Doormat
    Three curious kittens paw at red butterflies in this Kittens and Butterflies Doormat. The whimsy of its print will greet everyone who walks through your door. M...(more)

    $19.99 More Details
  • Pebble Welcome Doormat

    Pebble Welcome Doormat
    Give your doorway a dose of classic elegance with this Pebble Welcome Doormat. Its textured border and cursive script give this traditional mat interesting text...(more)

    $44.99 More Details
  • Tile Stripe Doormat

    Tile Stripe Doormat
    Tufted stripes meet rubber tiling in this Tile Stripe Doormat. You'll love how easy it is to wipe your feet on its functional and stylish design. Mat measures 2...(more)

    $29.99 More Details
  • Bronze Vine Welcome Doormat

    Bronze Vine Welcome Doormat
    Add elegance and shine to your doorway with this Bronze Vine Welcome Doormat. Its intricate design and rubber material its both fashionable and durable. Mat mea...(more)

    $19.99 More Details
  • Rubber Border Welcome Doormat

    Rubber Border Welcome Doormat
    A thick black border meets a woven coir center in this Rubber Border Welcome Mat. You'll love the way the contrasting colors make its warm greeting stand out. M...(more)

    $24.99 More Details
  • Starfish Coral Doormat

    Starfish Coral Doormat
    A coastal print in a rich red hue gives this Starfish Coral Doormat an unexpected twist. You'll love how it gives a modern update to your beachy decor. Mat meas...(more)

    $19.99 More Details
  • Timber Ridge Doormat

    Timber Ridge Doormat
    An outdoorsy print in bright colors makes this Timber Ridge Doormat a perfect addition to cabin-inspired decor. You'll love the bears and moose in its stripes. ...(more)

    $19.99 More Details
  • Basketweave Welcome Mat

    Basketweave Welcome Mat
    This Basketweave Welcome Doormat features a woven rubber border with a bronze finish. Its heavyweight construction makes it last in extreme weather. Mat measure...(more)

    $49.99 More Details
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