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Scientists Map Brain Cell Activation During Sleep

Researchers have mapped the activity of individual neurons deep in the brain during sleep in male and female mice. The study, published in JNeurosci, suggests these cells may facilitate memory formation....

How Can Circadian Rhythms Influence Immune Response?

The time of day when a patient becomes sick affects the severity of afflictions ranging from allergies to heart attacks, according to a review published May 17 in the journal Trends in Immunology....

Why Can’t Some People Remember Their Dreams?

There are clear distinctions between our states of wake and sleep – and that is no accident, Francesca Siclari, a sleep research doctor at the Lausanne University Hospital, tells BBC News....

New Study Establishes Normative Polysomnographic Values in Healthy Adults

A study recently published in The Lancet produced normative values for sleep data in healthy adults, which may help aid in future research, particularly when obtaining polysomnographic control data is difficult....

Most Infant Suffocation Deaths in Bed Due to Unsafe Sleep Practices

A study, “Infant Suffocation Deaths in the Sleep Environment Attributable to Soft Bedding, Overlay, and Wedging,” in the May 2019 Pediatrics reviewed the cases of 250 infants who died from an external airway obstruction in an unsafe sleep environment between 2011 through 2014....

Sleeping With Cancer

A writer for The New York Times asks: Ten years after diagnosis, could I finally dispense with chemical sleeping aids...

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