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Testing Whitewash Finishes On Red Oak Hardwood Flooring

Well, y’all have spoken, and the overwhelming majority of you believe that I should whitewash my red oak hardwood flooring in the studio and adjoining areas (half bath, back entry and storage closet). For some reason, I expected it to be a closer race between the two options, but whitewash ran away with the vote. So last night before I went to bed, I tested out some whitewash options. I’ve been researching how to whitewash hardwood floors for a few weeks now, and let me tell you, th...

Studio Hardwood Flooring: Stained Or Whitewashed?

I finished installing the unfinished red oak hardwood flooring in the studio! Those last few rows that have to be nailed down with a regular nail gun are always so challenging for me, and I can never get them to look as good as the rest of the flooring where I use the mallet and the flooring nailer, but at least there’s hardwood flooring all the way to the wall. Thank goodness for wood filler. ?? If all goes as planned, I’ll do the wood filler on the rest of the floor today so that ...

The Studio Has Flooring!

Y’all, I’m so excited about the progress that my brother and I made on the studio flooring yesterday! We got all of the flooring installed that could be nailed down with the flooring nailer. That left about four or five rows that will have to be nailed down with a regular nail gun, but after working for 8.5 hours, with me standing and bent over almost that whole time, there was no way I could get on the floor to nail those last rows down. If I had gotten down there, there’s no...

Finally Over The Hump

Have you ever been working on a room, and had that one big, daunting project that stood in the way of further progress on the whole room Well, that’s where I’ve been for the last week. I knew I couldn’t go forward much more on the bathroom or the back entry until the flooring was installed and finished. But the idea of tackling that project was so overwhelming that I just dragged my feet on it. It wasn’t necessarily the hardwood flooring installation itself that felt dau...

Half Bath Progress ó Tile, Wainscoting, Window Casing, and a Color Change

The half bathroom is inching closer and closer to being finished! The one big thing hanging over my head is still the floor, but I have a few more things I still want to get finished before I tackle that huge project. I finished painting and adding the resin coating on all of the tile, let it cure for a couple of days, and then got most of it installed. But something still seemed “off” about the whole thing — the yellow chair rail, yellow tile and yellow lower wall. The yellow...

My Six DIY Countertops (Pros and Cons Of Each, and How They Rank For Kitchen Countertops)

Over the last several years, I’ve made six different types of DIY countertops. Most of them have been made of various types of wood, but then I also made my kitchen countertops out of concrete. I get questions about all of these countertops on a fairly regular basis, and the most-often question is, “Can I use this in my kitchen” People are always on the lookout for inexpensive options for durable kitchen countertops. So I wanted to recap the various countertops I’ve made...

SKU-01-DS-18537 New View Floral Framed Wall Art 3-piece Set, Green from Kohls Department Stores  sku

New View Floral Framed Wall Art 3-piece Set, Green - 01-DS-18537 by New View

Item description: This Decor Artwork product is by New View - Adorn your wall with a touch of nature's beauty with this New View Floral framed wall art set. Colorful designs What's Included Three pieces: 20''H x 16''W x 6.25''D (each) Plastic, glass Vertical display Sawtooth hook Wipe clean Imported Model no. 01-DS-18537 Size: One Size. Color: Green. Gender: Unisex. Material: Framed/Glass.... Learn More

Manufacturer: New View

Store: Kohlís is a leading retailer with a commitment to inspiring & empowering families to lead fulfilled lives. We offer amazing national & exclusive brands, incredible savings & an easy shopping experience in our stores, online at & on our app.

Category: Artwork


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